Lorinet Foundation supports Ministry of Education and Science, Mongolia in establishing Integrated Early Childhood Education and Development Network

In March 2022, Lorinet Foundation, in partnership with Ministry of Education and Science (MES), established an Integrated ECED network. The network is aimed at enabling a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration among various development partners, NGOs, academia, and public and private sector stakeholders who represent early childhood protection, health, education, caregiving, and nutrition. Lorinet Foundation will act as a co-lead for the first year of network’s operations.

On April 12 of 2022, the first quarterly meeting of the Integrated ECED network was co-hosted by Lorinet Foundation and MES. It brought together over 30 stakeholders represented by UNICEF, Save the Children, World Bank, JICA, Ministry of Social Protection and Welfare, School of Pre-School Education, Association of Childcare Service Providers, World Vision Mongolia, Mongolian Education Alliance, and others.

During the meeting, MES provided an overview of the current situation and policy priorities for pre-primary education in Mongolia as well as the progress on the development of the integrated ECD policy. Lorinet Foundation shared insights from the study it conducted on the landscape of early childhood in Mongolia and presented its priorities going forward. The meeting was followed by presentations by OneSky on “Family Skills Training” and the Asia Foundation Mongolia on “Let’s Read Mongolia” projects, both supported by Lorinet Foundation.

The discussions re-emphasised on putting continuous efforts on advocacy for the promotion of inclusive and quality ECED services and incorporating such provisions in respective policies. Furthermore, the attendees unanimously chose “Families and Parents” as the annual theme for the network, considering this is a cross-cutting theme of ECED. They also agreed to enable more focused knowledge and practice sharing as well as potential collaborations via the network. 

Lorinet Foundation remains committed to its goal of developing and strengthening the ecosystem on ECED in Mongolia that results in collective, sustainable impact.