Lorinet Foundation is a family foundation dedicated to enabling positive and sustainable impact on the lives of children, youth, and families living in vulnerable communities in Mongolia.

Our impact statement

We aim to achieve:

Direct impact
by fostering early childhood care and education, as well as youth employment.

Systemic impact
by generating awareness, leveraging systems, and promoting good practices that lead to lasting change.

Our approach

We deliver impact by granting financial and non-financial support to a portfolio of carefully selected organisations and through a number of initiatives that aim at promoting social innovation in Mongolia.

We also leverage impact investments and other innovative financing instruments to foster impact. Beyond Mongolia, we harness the valuable platform of Southeast Asia for learning, supporting impactful programmes, and engaging with key stakeholders.

In Mongolia, our aim is to mobilise additional capital and resources. Investments targeting socio-economic challenges play a pivotal role in achieving an inclusive and sustainable growth trajectory for Mongolia. To this end, we remain resolute in our commitment to engage with other funders, forge dynamic alliances, launch captivating campaigns, and foster a collaborative environment.

Our thematic priorities

Early childhood care and education
Young children are nurtured and learning at age-appropriate levels

Youth employment
Youth have sustainable employment and improved income and quality of life

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