Lorinet Foundation launches the Youth Employability Landscape Study Mongolia 2022

We are pleased to launch the Youth Employability Landscape Study Mongolia 2022. The report was commissioned last year with the purpose of deepening our knowledge of the employability issues that Mongolian youth face and developing a long-term country programme for the youth.

The content disseminated through this study is a synthesis of findings from multiple sources gathered through engagements with several sectoral experts and stakeholders as well as desk review of international and local research papers, publications, thematic studies, policy documents, and sectoral statistics.

The report is envisaged to support policy makers, employers, development partners, and all stakeholders working on the theme of Youth Employment in their decision making and, consequently, improve the effects of their actions. We now intend to invest more strongly in programmes and solutions that enable young people to gain the skills necessary for employment and entrepreneurship so that they can build a future for themselves and their communities.

The launch event organized on May 10 of 2022 was attended by over 70 dignitaries from the government and private sector as well as several participants from the development sector including international NGOs and civil society organisations. The event was marked by a panel discussion on ‘Boosting Employability and Employment among Mongolian Youth’. The panellists spoke about issues relating to school-to-work transition for young people and reviewed the roles of various stakeholders addressing the issues related to youth unemployment.

Read Full report in English

Read Summary report in Mongolian