Children Ger Project

Supporting vulnerable school drop-out children and youth.

Children Ger (CG) is an NGO in the ger district of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, which provides elementary education to vulnerable children and youth who have dropped out of public school system due to poverty, disability, and abuse. The organisation aims to reintegrate school drop-outs into the public education system while providing them with basic literacy and numeracy skills to improve education attainment. Since its establishment in 2009, CG has provided elementary education to over 260 children and youth.

Lorinet Foundation supported (2014 – 2017) the set up and running of a kitchen that provided students with one balanced meal per day. This was crucial as the children CG served often did not receive the necessary nutrition needed to support their optimal mental and physical development. We also supported CG in building a library and playroom facility at the centre through a partnership with other donors.