OneSky – Vietnam

For most low-salaried working parents in Vietnam, the best option for childcare has long been home-based daycare providers. Often overcrowded, under-resourced, with poor facilities and little training – horror-stories regularly appear in the Vietnamese media.

OneSky aims to improve quality of care and educational outcomes for the young children of factory workers in Vietnam’s industrial zones. They operate a Early Learning Center located in Da Nang’s Hoa Khanh Industrial Park, providing early learning programs for children as well as parenting skills and early child development, responsive care and nurture training for adults..

The ELC currently serves 250 children a year with 55 teachers and 6 trainers managed by a local team. In addition to providing direct service, the center functions as a base for daycare provider training, parenting skills training, and the development of an e-learning platform dedicated to supporting the professional development of child care givers throughout the country.

Lorinet Foundation in partnership with Octava Foundation is supporting OneSky to pilot Home Based Care providers’ training, parenting classes, and online learning platform over the next 3 years to ensure that the curriculum, training methods and program structure are all perfected for optimum benefit of child outcomes and ease of replication.

80 home-based daycare providers in Da Nang had completed the OneSky 20-week training program by early 2019, reaching a total of 2,595 children and another 240 home based daycare providers are scheduled to complete the program by 2020.

Based on the success of the ELC and Da Nang training program, the Vietnamese government has requested OneSky to scale the training to Vietnam’s burgeoning industrial zones in 4 additional priority provinces over the next 3 years.