Bridging the path from education to employment

Bayanbaatar graduated from Ikh Zasag University with a law degree. He was unable to find an employment, even though he was actively seeking a job for two years after graduation.

He applied for jobs, sometimes got invited for interviews, but more often than not, he never heard back from employers. He could not figure out the mistakes he was probably making. Was it his private university background? Was it his introvert attitude? Was it him? He was dispirited and discouraged to look for more jobs.

In the midst of his struggles, he found an ad about SEYP. During his time with Zorig Foundation’s “Sustainable Employment for Youth” programme, Bayanbaatar learnt how to prepare for a job interview and the need to study about the prospective job opportunity beforehand. He took personalised tests and one-on-one guidance for his career path. He also developed his soft skills and learnt critical skills for interview and resume preparation.

He realised how he had started changing slowly with SEYP’s guidance. He started by  correcting his overall posture and body language. Then, he reworked on his resume. Through the programme, he got the confidence to prepare for an interview with an intent to succeed. He also did an internship with one of the best law firms in the country (Avinex).

Finally, as destiny would have it, he succeeded in getting employed. He was employed at Soyombo law firm as Law Clerk and successfully worked there for three continuous years. Just recently, he further advanced his career and started a new job at one of Mongolia’s largest retail companies – Nomin Holding Group’s legal department, with a significant increment in his salary.

A previously shy, quiet, and introvert Bayanbaatar now understands what it means to be professional and is further advancing in his career.